What is Pinterest?

Pinning Your Way to Higher Site Traffic

What is Pinterest?

According to HitWise, a online data measurement company, Pinterest has cracked the top 10 sites in the social network category.  What is Pinterest?, and who can benefit from it?  I recruited Sarah Dryden, Search-Social Strategist at Amsive Digital, who has been pinning since last year, to provide us with some insights on this hot new social network.


Host: Ruben Quinones.
Co-Host: Sarah Dryden.

0:11 Ruben Quinones – Hey there. Welcome to another episode of AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and we have here today again Sarah Dryden. What do you do here again?
0:19 Sarah DrydenI am a search and social strategist; for the record.
0:22 Ruben Quinones – And I have to give you credit and that’s why I had to bring you on to talk about what, basically what is hot right now, which is Pinterest which you told me about months ago. When did they actually start?
0:33 Sarah DrydenThey started at least a year ago.  And its technically still invite only but it’s one of the top ten social sties at this point.
0:41 Ruben Quinones – So you and I actually in an exclusive club because we are actually are using it.
0:45 Sarah DrydenExclusive! Yes.
0:46 Ruben Quinones – Right. What is Pinterest? I am looking for you answer because it’s not that easy to claim but….
0:53 Sarah DrydenI always like to call The Mash of the late different social services. Really it’s a sound thing. But I would like to describe it as visual Tweeter.  You can compare it to tumbler only you can see lots of different visual aspects at once in the form of vertical stream of things that you like, you can create your own board, you can put themes to each different board; all the board is public. That’s the only thing you don’t have, you don’t have private board.
1:18 Ruben Quinones – Inboard right? And this are for most practice images right? It’s not anything like links…..
1:24 Sarah DrydenYeah, everything you pin has to be an images. One thing I have found that you can create your own images and put words on it. So that’s a cheat way around it. But everything you pin has to be an image; very brief description on the bottom of the key, for me is that there is a link back to the site where the image originated which I find amazingly useful for SEO and referral purposes.
1:43 Ruben Quinones – Because we have already started using it for some clients correct?
1:47 Sarah DrydenWorks great for retail Clients because people like the way your stuff looks if you have gorgeous stunning pictures that people are gonna like them then they are gonna pin them, they are gonna put them on their board. They want it to be something that defines them. Pinterest results is something like defining this is me, who I am, this is what I love. So pin your thing and people will, who also like will go back to the site where the image is.
2:10 Ruben Quinones – So sites with visually appealing images are probably a good fit other than you being a user who like images maybe like to show up certain taste that you might have.
2:24 Sarah DrydenBiggest traffic is for weariness and flowers and deign short of thing things.
2:28 Ruben Quinones – Alright check it out. It’s actually one of the top ten social networking sites right now as far as traffic and lot of value, bringing lot of traffic already.
2:36 Thank you so much for coming on Sarah.
2:38 Sarah DrydenNo problem.
2:39 Ruben Quinones – And you have a good morning, good afternoon, good evening whenever you are watching this, I will see you next week. Take Care.

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