How a New York City Wine Networking Group Grew Utilizing Social Media

A Wine Networking Group Goes Social

Amsive Digital TV Episode 6

Guest Bryan R Adams, founding member of Supernodes discusses how this niche networking group went from emailing some contacts to spreading the word by creating a presence on Myspace, facebook, linkedin, twitter, facebook, and Ning to name a few.


Duration of Video:  4 min 18 sec.        

 Ruben Quinones: Welcome to AmsiveDigital TV. I am your host Ruben Quinones and I have a guest today Bryan Adams publicist not the singer.

Bryan Adams: Not the singer.

Ruben Quinones: Ok let’s talk today about the American group he is involved in that been using social media to grow there network and it is called Super nodes. Tell me about that, what is Super nodes?

Bryan Adams: Alright click fist Super nodes. Super nodes is

Ruben Quinones: About your major Social network we will talk about that later.

Bryan Adams: Yeah exactly! Super nodes is we call the multicultural bridge so MRC that what it is a place for one to – small business owners, entrepreneurs people who are just waiting say hangout for drink on a Monday first Monday evening from 6 to 9.

Ruben Quinones: That is very much true. You have like to earn and give the money there.

Bryan Adams: No, if you don’t like to earn you come to hangout because we are such a mixed people where we are very interesting. Last month he came in and he didn’t drink. Pilewort we both know. He gave me a perk noodles. He came and he was enjoying you have ordered your order and he stayed the whole time and he closed the place down. So you don’t have to drink if your people are very engaging and having a good time it’s very fun.

Ruben Quinones: I just wanted you to talk about how this network you gave induction of it, I am getting bigger. Men are going to women that were I hope I go home of people from Monday night and I was like wow! But I swear you about that we have face book but how did you guys go about? How many years it is done?

Bryan Adams: Four years now four years 2006.

Ruben Quinones: So from the very beginning how will you group map, I think at least it will be over thousand easily.

Bryan Adams: Right, right.

Ruben Quinones: How did you grow that? You didn’t start office socially right. How just you started off? Tell me about that.

Bryan Adams: One minute we first started out it was really E-mail list everybody 5 of us that do this, we all have names on E-mail list, so of us took from my space and we just individually invited people out. May be some Flyers that we keep E- mail out to people.

Ruben Quinones: Right.

Bryan Adams: And that’s how it spread. One of us had a very big my space page and allows them to do that.

Ruben Quinones: Where is that My Space? Why you say that? I s that MY? I am just kidding you have it and I think you guys know it.

Bryan Adams: I never talk of My Space so much.

Ruben Quinones: They may make a comeback. I don’t know.

Bryan Adams: I didn’t say anything.

Ruben Quinones: Because you are going to keep this show as we are going to have the second part too speaking about group and network and I am going to checkout that My So very quick one where can we find you?

Bryan Adams: Ok Super Nodes it is SUPER NODES there is a face book page officially we are named as, there is LinkedIn group as well and there is a Twitter account.

Ruben Quinones: Ok so let me put it at the end.

Bryan Adams: So you click on Super Nodes we will Pop-up

Ruben Quinones: Yeah Google Super Nodes.

Bryan Adams: You will get images on ———-.

Ruben Quinones: You all good morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening whenever you are watching this and hope to see you next.    

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