Supernodes – A New York City Wine Networking Group

AmsiveDigital TV Episode 7  Supernodes Part 2

Join guest Bryan Adams in a discussion about how this wine networking group in NYC grew their network via several social communities.  In the first part, episode 6, we discussed what Supernodes is and how they first started.  In this episode, the conversation continues about the social sites utilized in spreading the word about Supernodes events, news, and ultimately help launch in other cites.  You can visit one of the newer social sites, their ning page at  Their next event, as of the launch of this video is on July 12th, 2010 from 6-9 at Gust Organics.


Duration of Video:  5 min 31 sec.        

Ruben Quinones: Hey there! Welcome to part 2 of I mean what you call Super nodes going on and that one. Super nodes which is the one that I can group, if I want to watch part 1 just go back and please listen part1 of how this very next group of New York city grew where they grew from E-mail list you talked about that and how did you make the transition into the social network.

Bryan Adams: Well I guess with five of us

Ruben Quinones: By the way he is Bryan Adams he shoots his episodes consecutively I introduced him in the first and you probably watched part 1, you should watch part1. Bryan Adams is a publicists and he is one of the what we call that? Ward member or Board member of Super nodes or Chairman of Super nodes   

Bryan Adams: Board members or one of the founders. Board member is fine. That sounds professional right!

Ruben Quinones: So we will put it down there Board Member of Super nodes. Ok go ahead

Bryan Adams:  At some point we knew that social media is exploding and we need to find a way to utilise it to get people into the building.

Ruben Quinones: Hold on three years ago you said or four or you started four years ago.

Bryan Adams: I we got real serious definitely in 2008 but I am sure before that we were thinking about ways to incorporate more than just E-mail list and think me out of My space list. But for safe side we got to and started to do the face book thing and LinkedIn and not Twitter that’s all for us.

Ruben Quinones: Would you serve as a result on going to these mediums. I can but I can ask a question for our audience. Face book as an example would you can you tribute to just assuming I know these communities but you listed are different world.

Bryan Adams: Yes.

Ruben Quinones: Ok as a result even though you may be have full of members if you found that easier to may be a ten because they were not computer literate and they were much where is it about to go.

Bryan Adams: When science got exploded to this huge data base, the number 1 social network, most people are on it and if you promote something on it that say I am popular. I am not saying the only most popular thing on the network we took very well. It’s going to be seen and how often it occur about, heard about and noticed because we have lot of friends and we have people who follow us and we put that out there and it starts to grow. Now what happens is we have members all over the country. So not everybody is going to be in New York but we have always make sure that we have   

Ruben Quinones: That’s what you guys are going to —–

Bryan Adams: Super nodes Allied happening soon, Super nodes DC, Super nodes Atlanta, Super nodes Australia.

Ruben Quinones: By the way if we talk about the part 1, if you want to know about Super nodes and the imagination of it go back to part 1 but that is one of the —- but actually you are extending the series.

Bryan Adams: We have extended Super nodes in a very cool time; every first Monday simultaneously may be webcam where we can see everybody what they are doing.

Ruben Quinones: May be you have one here to start with one and shoot an episode on AmsiveDigital TV. I am not sure how that would. I think people have some of the bigger role anyways. I have to add two processes. By the way event is coming up so I think we make sure we

Bryan Adams: Normally we are at the first Monday of the month but comes in July 4th that is on Sunday everybody is away and we have moved the July event to July 12th. So July 12th Super nodes and Gust organics which is 6th avenue, 14th or 13th street.

Ruben Quinones: I am going to be on the blog post and put the link to it.

Bryan Adams:  Very big place, very spacive.

Ruben Quinones: I will put it about it right here.

Bryan Adams: Available in Super nodes various Super nodes sites the main site, the face book site, the LinkedIn, the twitter on July 12th

Ruben Quinones: — about your website.

Bryan Adams: You can reach me at It’s Bryan as a Y

Ruben Quinones: He is the one for future episodes we are shooting so I am going to give you more about the advantage of it —AmsiveDigital TV. But go ahead and check them out it’s an amazing story actually have them originating from few E-mails though to pretty good group now it’s International. So I would see you next time on AmsiveDigital TV so have a Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening whenever you watch this.

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