Digital Week in Review: Tips for Making Vines, Twitter Banned in Turkey, and Microsoft Gives Incentives to Upgrade from Windows XP

In this week’s Digital Week in Review: Tips for making great Vine videos, Twitter is banned in Turkey, and Microsoft offers consumers discounts to upgrade to Windows 8.

Tips For Great Vine Videos

Have you ever wanted to be Vine famous? Whether you do or you don’t, all Vine users want their uploads to perform well online. The thing is, you only have 6 seconds to prove yourself, so it really needs to be done well. The 7th Chamber has released an infographic showing which companies and industries have been using Vines to market their brands, and the tips they have for anyone trying to compose successful Vines.

To see the rest of the infographic, click here.

Twitter Banned in Turkey

According to a report from the Istanbul-based media outlet, Today’s Zaman, Twitter has been banned in Turkey. However, Twitter has offered Turkish users an alternative, SMS. Turkish customers of Avea and Vodafone can text “START” to 2444, and customers of Turkcell can text “START” to “2555”. These texts will be published as Tweets. Turkey’s telecommunications department has stated that a “protective measure has been taken” in regards to Twitter. The same statement was made when Turkey banned other digital service, Grindr, back in September 2013.

YouTube and Facebook were already slated for a potential ban in Turkey earlier this month after being criticized by Turkish Prime Minster Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan stated that he “will not leave this nation at the mercy of YouTube and Facebook”.

This is not the first country Twitter has been banned in. The social media platform was banned in Iran and China in 2009, South Korea in 2010, and in Egypt in 2011.

Microsoft Giving Discounts to Incentivize Switch from Windows XP

Many people around the world are using the Microsoft XP operating system but the support for Windows XP is ending on April 8. This means that the days this OS is safe to use are almost done. Once the general support for XP expires, those who aren’t paying hefty amounts for customer support will be using an operating system that is very unsecure. An “un-patched” operating systems with old code means customers run the risk of potential exploits.

Microsoft has been offering discounts to coax consumers into using a computer that will be safe, by offering $100 off of on many computers including the Surface.  The new computers will come with 90 days of free support for new Windows 8 devices from Microsoft.

“While we can’t speculate on the reasons of individual users, our guidance has been and continues to be that both consumers and organizations need to move off of Windows XP as soon as possible to ensure that they have the latest security, mobility and productivity tools.” – Microsoft Spokesperson

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