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WordPress Security Checklist: Verify Your Site is Protecting Your Business

WordPress and other content management sites often get blamed for security issues. But that logic is short-sighted. Maintenance ownership, reputable plug-in updates, leading DSN providers, and more all play a role in keeping your WordPress site safe. While it’s intuitive to invest in your business’s physical security, digital security is just as important.    Creating a…

Measuring content success beyond SEO

3 Alternative Ways to Measure Content Performance for Modern SEO Programs + Multi-Touch Customer Journeys

If you’re developing content primarily to improve your SEO, you’re monitoring keyword visibility reports, opportunity workspaces, and traffic dashboards. But looking at rankings and traffic — that is, how many people are seeing your content — is only the first step. Strengthen your content’s success by taking a critical look at how it engages customers, covers the entire customer journey, and achieves brand goals specific to each of those journey stages.

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