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iOS 14 Privacy Changes – Everything Advertisers Need to Know

Last Summer, Apple announced it will be giving users the choice to block the Identifier For Advertisers (IDFA) feature at the app level. Though iOS users had already been able to block IDFA tracking at the device level for a few years, they had to know where to look in order to do so. This new change puts the…

Landing page test tools - blog article

Landing Page Testing Tools to Boost Your Conversion Rates

With the unpredictability of this year so far, marketers have had to make some tough decisions on how marketing dollars are being spent, and how to prioritize channels that will sustain their business in this climate.  With the challenges of scaled back budgets, it is critical to not neglect an important piece of the equation which is maximizing on better conversion rates.    A well-designed and targeted landing page lies…

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